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The ACV3 is our most popular selling air duct cleaning truck model.

With Caddy Vac’s EXCLUSIVE fan it has the power you asked for.

This unit can be mounted on a variety of trucks, International, DuraStar, TerraStar, Peterbilt, Hino, Ford 450, Ford 650, whatever your preference. This gives you the ability to have many different size dimensions. You can choose where you would like more storage space to be, not to mention the unlimited custom options that are available for the picking. You custom design this unit to fit your needs.

Standard Items:

  • 125 feet of heavy duty hose your choice 8″ or 10″
  • Hose cuff connectors your choice 8″ or 10″
  • 12, 10, or 8” suction inlet opening
  • 150 feet of 3/8” air line hose
  • Heavy duty Quincy 325 compressor
  • 45-gallon air tank 300 PSI
  • Manual air hose reel capacity to hold up to 300′ of 3/8” airline comes with 150′ of 3/8″ air line with connectors
  • CVNB6450 suction air fan
  • Insulation bypass discharge chute
  • Exhaust systems modifications (except Ford & International)
  • 12 filter bags (19” X 60”)
  • Suction host inlet in rear hose compartment
  • Airline deicer
  • Heavy duty PTO drive line includes: Drive lines, Bearing Brackets, Bearings, Belts, and Pulleys mounted from cleaner to the truck’s PTO
  • Lighting package 5 interior with one exterior rear spotlight
  • 2′ x 7′ large front storage compartment
  • 2 storage compartments (48” X 16” X 12”) in skirt in front of rear wheels
  • Extend grease nipple out from fan and idler bearing
  • Unit finished with a Vortex coating on the interior and exterior is primer power coated & painted with PPG Paint
  • Stainless Steel Roof Access ladder
  • Basic Tool Kit which includes: Case, 12″ Single whip, 12″ Triple whip, 14″ Eight whip
  • Small blower lever valve with 3/16″ wand (30″ long)
  • Large blower level valve with 5/16″ wand (60″ long)
  • Air whip ball with rod fittings
  • 1/4″ air lever valve with rod and hose fittings
  • Five, 5′ air rods (option Red, White or Blue)
  • Reverse and Forward nozzle with rod fittings
  • 30′ reverse nozzle with blower assembly and fitting
  • 9″ aluminum Diamond plated rear bumper
  • Unlimited time personalized training program in Lewiston, ID

Tool kit containing:

  • Case
  • 12” single whip
  • 12” triple whip
  • Small blower lever valve with 3/16” wand (30” long)
  • Large blower valve with 5/16” wand (60” long)
  • Air whip ball with rod fittings
  • 1/4” air lever valve with rod fittings
  • 5 air rods (5 foot each)
  • Reverse nozzle with rod fittings
  • Forward nozzle with rod fittings
  • 30 ft. non-spinning reverse line for dryer vent cleaning