CVEB#2-4874SS Cleaner Door Latch T-Handle Cleaner Door T-Handle
CV105ZC Center Latch (Back Side of "T" Handle) Center Latch (Back Side of T-Handle)
CV105ZC GUIDE Guide for Rods Rod Guide
CV105ZCROD Rod Zinc 36" 36″ Zinc Rod
CVBDL Back Door Latch Back Door Latch
CV2-4891SS Cleaner Door Slam Latch Cleaner Door Slam Latch
CVWTH New Whale Tall Handle Whale Tail Handle
CVM395C Dome Light Dome Light
CVV480A Amber Reflector Amber Reflector
CVV480R Red Reflector Red Reflector
CV436SX Caddy Vac Cleaner License Plate Light License Plate Light
CV507F Spot Light Spot Light
CVCW16 16″ Chrome Wheel Covers
19.5″ Chrome Wheel Covers
CV4S Stainless Steel Side Step Stainless Steel Side Step
CVPSI300 300 PSI Gauge 300 PSI Gauge
CVC12 12" Plug for Suction Inlet of Truck 12″ Suction Plug
CVSFB Filter Bag Filter Bag
($51.50 when buying 12 or more)
CVDCB CVDCB_caddy Disposable Collection Bags
(Holds 75 Cubic Feet)
($19.95 when buying 20 or more)
CVHSS312 Large Filter Bag Clamp Small Filter Bag Clamp Large Filter Bag Clamp
CVFBSC CVFBSC_caddy  Small Filter Bag Clamp
CVDS1 Door Spring Door Spring
CVDSB Door Spring Brackets Door Spring Bracket
$10.88 each
CVEH5 Bag Door Hinge Bag Door Hinge
CVEH65 Side Door Hinge Side Door Hinge
CVBDS Bag Door Shock Bag Door Shock
CVBDRT12 Replacement Tarps for Bags Replacement Rain Tarp