“I have been very impressed with the Caddy-Vac. It has saved me time on every job so far. It seems to cut at least 15-20 minutes of time off of average size jobs. Difficult jobs it has saved me more time than that due to the fact that I can be constantly cleaning. The 340 Quincy compressor keeps up with all my cleaning. I have loaded the equipment from two Pringles onto my Caddy-Vac and still have more room. It has been great not needing to switch trucks or shuffle equipment from one truck to another. I wish I would have acquired a new truck a long time ago. The detail in your workmanship is still making me glad I invested in a new Caddy-Vac. Say thanks to all for a beautiful strong truck. Not only is this truck an efficient work horse but it is down right SWEET. Heads are turning where ever I drive and my customers have a big smile when I pull up to their drive. It has added value to my company image in more ways than one.”

Matthew Steenbeke

“We considered the purchase of other manufactures truck and equipment. I considered purchasing new equipment for some time. I spoke to many manufactures on equipment and packages. I would say I spent at least six months in research of equipment. I was looking for equipment that was well constructed and reliable. I am not in the equipment and truck repair business. Down time is a killer. I wanted a good superior vacuum and plenty of endless air. I wanted it to be easy to use either for one or two man crew and I wanted to present a professional image. And I knew I needed technical customer support. The entire crew at American Caddy Vac has been very supportive and they are always there when I need advice. Keep up the good work!!”

Chris Doerfler, President
Steamatic of Colorado Springs, Inc.

“This is our newest edition to our fleet, our American Caddy Vac Truck (this is our third) with all the bell and whistles. We have found that the Caddy Vac systems have cut down on job time, cost and improved our overall job efficiency. We not only improve our bottom line but with the added power feel that we are are able to do the jobs more safely by not entering the ductwork as often and cutting less access doors. With our certifications through NADCA, IAQA and the IICRC and our state of the art equipment we feel we keep our ducts in a row.”

Thanks Again Mac!!!

Jim Castellano ASCS, CMR

“The POWER of the American Caddy Vac is unmatched. This truck allows our men to do their job in a very reasonable amount of time, with out any hassle. At the end of the day, our men do NOT want to get out of these trucks. They are that nice to work out of. These trucks are so user friendly, someone off the street could learn how to use them with ease. With the American Caddy Vac, there is no need to advertise! All you need to do is drive this truck around and it sells itself. When people see our trucks around town, they know who we are and they know we are the best because we have the best “state-of-the-art” equipment on the market! Be prepared to BLOW AWAY THE COMPETITION!” Thanks Again Mac!!!

Clay Winters, Mite-E-Ducts
Zionsville, IN

“While at the NADCA convention we compared the standard package offered by American Caddy Vac and the standard package offered by others. Simply put the competitors packages offered less and were substandard. In the last two years I have had no breakdowns. I have found the American Caddy Vac easy to maintain, easy to train new personnel on, and when I run against a serious competitor my clients are so impressed with the American Caddy Vac, I am all but guaranteed the job.”

Eric Varney, Varney’s Clean Air
Worland, Wyoming

“The support and service from American Caddy Vac has far exceeded our expectations. Your expertise in the field of duct cleaning has been priceless. We feel that you are a big part of the success of our company. The trucks and equipment match your service. It is nice to be able to get a job done in a fraction of the time that it would take with portables. We are able to go into a job with confidence knowing that our equipment has the power and reliability to get the job done right.”

Jo A. Underwood, Mighty Ducts
Cheyenne, Wyoming

“The American Caddy Vac is an extremely powerful machine, even when compared to other power vacuum trucks. After one of my employees uses this machine, they usually don’t want to go back to the one they used before. It’s that good! The American Caddy Vac, with it’s super power, has become the flagship of our fleet. That is why our next new truck will be another American Caddy Vac!”

MJ Palazzolo, Safety King
Utica, Michigan

“The American Caddy Vac unit is built sturdy and has all the suction and air pressure you could ask for, with plenty of storage. The tech support I get from American Caddy Vac is priceless. My American Caddy Vac is truly user-friendly.”

Sam Rowe, Air Pro
Kalispell, Montana

“I have spent countless hours researching equipment and distributors prior to purchasing a truck. I contacted the American Caddy Vac staff and they were terrific. The service given before I purchased the truck as well as after the sale is excellent. The quality of the American Caddy Vac is second to none.”

Gary Sipe, Air Quality Services
Twin Falls, Idaho