What is the longevity of the American Caddy Vac truck mounted cleaner?

With proper care and maintenance, the American Caddy Vac cleaner could last the lifetime of several cab & chassis. They are made of galvanized 12- and 16-gauge steel. The American Caddy Vac truckmounts have been engineered with longevity in mind and are put to the test everyday by our very own air duct cleaning company. This helps us to constantly improve the quality and user friendliness of the American Caddy Vac cleaner.

How important is it to be able to check the components of the cleaner?

Being user friendly is especially important when it comes to maintenance of the components. The fact is the easier it is to check, the better it will be maintained. No need to unload tools, hose, etc. just to get to your components; with an American Caddy Vac you simply open a door and can easily check the oil in the compressor, check fan belts and bearings. All this with minimal effort.

I have truck mounted units and I am constantly having u-joint problems, any suggestions?

The American Caddy Vac unit uses a heavy-duty PTO gearbox with heavy duty u-joints and hollow core drive lines (not 1″ cold rolled steel drivelines). The American Caddy Vac driveline lays nearly level, which relieves the stress on u-joints, thus limiting the u-joint problems.

The dirt box on my truck mounted unit has been rebuilt twice, is this normal?

Cleaner units made of black iron will rust out and need to be rebuilt, more often. That is why American Caddy Vac makes its units from galvanized steel. With proper maintenance and handling these American Caddy Vac cleaners can last the lifetime of several cab and chassis. They are made of galvanized 12- and 16-gauge steel and built on heavy-duty steel framing.

How do I get started with my order and do you deliver?

It’s easy! All you do is give us a call at 1-800-879-5382 and place your order for what you want. Remember, we custom build them to your needs so don’t hesitate to ask if there is something different you want. Then, either we can find you a truck or you can supply your own, it’s your choice. After that we send your truck into the shop to have the cleaner custom built and mounted for you. Once completed, we can either deliver it straight to you or you can come to us and pick it up if you prefer. Also remember we give free training courses in Lewiston, Idaho for every unit sold. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and get ready to beat the competition and get into a successful and fast growing industry.

Why should I buy a truck-mounted unit?

The most effective way to clean air ducts and ventilation systems is to employ “source removal” methods of cleaning. This requires a contractor to place the system under negative pressure, through the use of a specialized, powerful vacuum. In most cases, the vacuum power provided by the American Caddy Vac cleaner will place the WHOLE duct system under negative pressure at one time. This eliminates timely zoning to clean each area which gets jobs done quicker and more completed jobs means more $$. The American Caddy Vac truck mounted cleaner also contains the compressor for your air tools. All that you and your people are carrying onto the job site are air hoses and the cleaning tools rather than separate pieces of heavy equipment to do the cleaning. With an American Caddy Vac truck mounted cleaner, you can also do insulation removal, wood stove & fireplace cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and commercial site cleaning, all with one unit.

Why is storage space so important?

Trips back to the shop for extra tools drive up your job cost. The American Caddy Vac truck mounted cleaner is made with adequate storage to accommodate the needs of a busy air duct cleaner. A well-organized truck with room to carry all the equipment to clean a variety of homes, just makes good business sense.

Why is power so important?

With the American Caddy Vac’s powerful vacuum and high pressure air it makes the duct cleaning go faster, reducing man hours. By not having to zone areas off and by providing enough power, you can move the dislodged debris in the duct work to the collection box faster.