Project Description

“I have been very impressed with the Caddy-Vac. It has saved me time on every job so far. It seems to cut at least 15-20 minutes of time off of average size jobs. Difficult jobs it has saved me more time than that due to the fact that I can be constantly cleaning. The 340 Quincy compressor keeps up with all my cleaning. I have loaded the equipment from two Pringles onto my Caddy-Vac and still have more room. It has been great not needing to switch trucks or shuffle equipment from one truck to another. I wish I would have acquired a new truck a long time ago. The detail in your workmanship is still making me glad I invested in a new Caddy-Vac. Say thanks to all for a beautiful strong truck. Not only is this truck an efficient work horse but it is down right SWEET. Heads are turning where ever I drive and my customers have a big smile when I pull up to their drive. It has added value to my company image in more ways than one.”

Matthew Steenbeke