Project Description

This Duct Cleaning Company offers a variety of services improving the quality of indoor air at home and workplace. Our customers are both home and business owners with a concern for indoor air pollution, allergens or dust. They offer a variety of Air Cleaning services ranging from furnace and air duct cleaning to chimneys, dryer vents or even insulation removal.

Across the United States we have seen a growing concern for the quality of the air we breathe and the microbes often found in that air. HVAC cleaning and maintenance has been discussed in news outlets throughout the United States and beyond. And even a push for dryer vents and chimney cleaning can be seen in a variety of advertisements currently ran by State Farm Insurance. Consumers have become increasingly aware of the benefits of having their HVAC system, chimney or dryer vents professionally cleaned by companies such as this.

Justin Payne is both the owner and operator of this company and has been the driving force of this business from the very beginning. Now with his family hoping to relocate he is ready to sell this turnkey business, just add your name and it’s ready to go. Including our hard assets we have determined a sale price of $75,000. This includes the truck, equipment as well as the phone number and past client list which is a guaranteed revenue stream. If you’re interested in a turnkey business with instant revenue stream than please give Justin a call at 406-781-9755 and make him an offer he can’t refuse. He’s asking $40,000 for truck and all equipment